A unique island full of sandy beaches you will love. An amazing busy harbour area littered with interesting shops and restaurants full of the most diverse range of Greek/Mediterranean home cooking, and great night life. All of this so easily accessible for our guests to enjoy.

Skiathos Island is a jewel within the collection of beautiful Greek Islands.

It’s big enough to make it culturally interesting with its historic monasteries, pine filled mountain trails with hidden treasures and small enough to be able to visit golden beaches all lined up on one bus route.



18th – 24th May 2024


12th – 17th May

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Skiathos is called a paradise on earth! 

This island has excellent tourist facilities, over 60 amazing beaches and many walking routes.

From most recommended places on the island you can:

  • Relax at beautiful beaches,
  • Walk through Skiathos Old Town,
  • Have a boat trip around the island,
  • Dive in clear waters,
  • Discover the Evangelistria Monastery and Kastro Rocks,
  • Visit the busy local town centre with diverse range of shops and restaurants,
  • See local museums

We offer plenty of local knowledge and a pre tennis fun such as boat trips and beach lunches.


The coaching comprises of 2 sessions per day:

2 hours in the morning with technical tips and drills

2 hours in the evening with organised gameplay

This comes at a cost £50 per day which includes the full run of the Club facilities.

The Tennis Club is located in the town. There are 4 courts and it’s run by a family who understands the needs of tennis players. We have run many events there. It has a  comprehensive restaurant with a stone oven, swimming pool, and bars.

Once you register your interest and depending on how many sessions you wish to undertake you will be required to pay upfront. This also gives us a chance to organise methodically. 

Additional courts are available to book. You can extend your stay or choose different dates.


We recommend hotels within a 5 minute walk from The Skiathos Tennis Club where our friends , the owners welcome you with open arms ready for a Greek dance…. or a swim in the club pool/bar.

Alkyon Hotel :

Very good package deals at all levels of residences, self-catering or, 3, 4, 5 star hotels. Including flights and transfers. Book early for the best prices.


The length of stay is entirely down to you with about 2/3 flights a week from London Luton, Gatwick or Stanstead directly onto the fascinating island airport runway.

In Skiathos nothing is too far and there is a bus which goes up and down the coastline where lots of residences are located.

One can easily hire a car or scooter or 4 wheel moped.


SKIATHOS TENNIS WEEK: 18th – 24th May 2024.

Also read about ITF Tournaments on our Skiathos Open ITF Seniors Tournament page.


First, simply email with your enquiry and await our confirmation. 

When making reservations with our recommended locations please email the Hotel or Residency direct, contacting our lead admin personnel.

In so doing please make sure you quote Breaks To Love in order to get the best deals. Keep us in the loop in your emails.

We will also research and help you get the best flights available to our destinations.